Let’s collaborate on a meaningful map of Glasgow: woven from the threads of our stories and memories.

Cities are much more than just their built environment. People really do make Glasgow and I would like to show it in all its beauty.

The plan is to support a new standard for placemaking: one that puts people’s meaningful connection to urban spaces through memories front and centre. Help me make it happen!

My name is Dominika. I’ve been living in Glasgow for the past three years, after bringing my Scottish partner home from a stint South of the border. He’s much happier here.

The Meaningful Map of Glasgow started as my personal project, born from an interest in placemaking and collective meaning. I would love to see it grow beyond those initial stages to eventually become a truly collaborative, open project owned by all Glaswegians.

For now, it’s my way of experiencing Glasgow through the eyes of its people, falling in love with it more and more; one story at a time. Join me in capturing its beauty!

Narrative Strategist | Semiotician http://dominikanow.com

Count me in! How can I help?

You can get involved in two ways:


Tell me your story during a Zoom or phone call. I will guide you through your experience of Glasgow and the places that are, in your mind, the most meaningful and why.

Creative contribution

If you’re more of a creative type, feel free to share your creation. It could be anything: a hand drawn map, photos from your walks, a poem or a song. Show what Glasgow means to you.

Place is a ‘space invested with social meaning’

S. Harrison and P. Dourish in ‘Re-Place-ing Space: The Roles of Place and Space in Collaborative Systems’ (1996)

SG1 is designed to put people and their experience of the City’s environment at the centre of the planning process’

SG1 – The Placemaking Principle (Part 1) – Glasgow City Development Plan (2018)

Get In Touch

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to get involved
by joining the project team or to simply find out more.